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There are lots of weather sites around, both locally and internationally. We wanted to create something unique. An environment where people were able to learn about the weather, from others whom share their knowledge and help in that learning - with a New Zealand focus! Think of the site as a learning hub, where everyone taking part is learning at their own level, and helping others - a weather community.

As we build the site up there will be lots of new features, so come back regularly, and check out our site updates section.

We do want the site to useful to you so if you think we should look at adding something, then contact the Admin Team. We're keen to grow the site based on your ideas!

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03 November 2018
Members Blog
One of the reasons why the NZ Weather Enthusiasts group exists is because of the lack of clarity around weather events, often misreported in the media. This misreporting often leads to further confusion in the publics mind. As weather buffs I don't t...
03 November 2018
Members Blog
Niwa provide a great explaination behind the tornado in Waikato on October 29, 2018. You can read more about it hereThe why behind the Waikato tornado🌪️1️⃣ Significant upper atmosphere disturbance.2️⃣ Much colder (🔵) than usual pocket of air aloft.3️...
30 October 2018
Members Blog
 NIWA have kicked off a citizen science project, to get 1000's of data points from early weather observations into a computer readable format. All it takes is a little bit of data entry, and you can do as little or as much as you want. The ...
05 August 2018
Members Blog
While we think the best place to get your weather fix is, you might want to take at look at some of the following sites: - An independent weather site that has lots of great information about  weather topics, hard...
05 June 2018
Members Blog
We're continually looking for good quality builds of Weather Stations. We are big fans of the low cost and extremely flexible Raspberry Pi, so this posting caught our eye! If you h...
02 April 2018
Members Blog
Niwa's autumn outlook is now available. Suggesting a warmer autumn than average. More details here:

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