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There are lots of weather sites around, both locally and internationally. These sites are often great at sharing knowledge about what's happening currently with the weather, or focusing on notable weather events.

We wanted to create something unique, and a bit different. An environment where people were able to learn about the weather, from others who were willing to share their knowledge and help in the learning of others - with a New Zealand focus! Think of the site as a learning hub, where everyone taking part is learning at their own level, and helping others - a weather community.

As we build the site up there will be lots of new features, so come back regularly, and check out our site updates section.

We do want the site to be useful to you, so if you think we should look at adding something, then contact the Admin Team. We're keen to grow the site based on your ideas!

Don't forget to check out our Wiki, and if you would like to contribute then sign up to the site and then use your sign in details to sign into the Wiki.

10 May 2019
Members Blog

I had heard of a program where old ship record weather reports were being transcribed by volunteers. Anyone know of this?  Can I get a link through this site for this program?

16 April 2019
Members Blog
The following map displays local conditions around New Zealand. Use the "+" and "-" buttons to zoom in and zoom out as required. You can also choose the information displayed by using the menu down the right hand side.You can add your weather station...
22 March 2019
Members Blog
21st March 2019 sees the equinox occur. What is an equinox? Well this is when the suns rays shine directly on the equator This means that in both hemispheres, the length of the night is the same as the length of the day. There is no better way to exp...
22 December 2018
Members Blog
Welcome to Summer Solstice for 2018. I'm choosing my words carefully. Often this is referred to as the longest day, which is partially correct, because it is based on daylight hours.  Of course the day still remains 24 hours long, but ...
03 November 2018
Members Blog
One of the reasons why the NZ Weather Enthusiasts group exists is because of the lack of clarity around weather events, often misreported in the media. This misreporting often leads to further confusion in the publics mind. As weather buffs I don't t...
03 November 2018
Members Blog
Niwa provide a great explaination behind the tornado in Waikato on October 29, 2018. You can read more about it hereThe why behind the Waikato tornado🌪️1️⃣ Significant upper atmosphere disturbance.2️⃣ Much colder (🔵) than usual pocket of air aloft.3️...

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