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Welcome! The New Zealand Weather network has a focus on learning and developing  meteorology (weather) skills and experience, based on New Zealand's own varied weather conditions.
We're a learning hub, where everyone taking part is learning at their own level, and helping others - a true weather community. Explore new skills, deepen existing passions, and get lost in learning about the weather.
If you are interested in New Zealands weather join in the discussions, become a representative for your weather region, even make your personal weather station live on our site. Have a hunt around. What you find just might surprise and inspire you!
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06 June 2022
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Raspberry Pi Weather Station
I recently moved webhosting and found my new host didn't support FTP. It's a reasonable feature. After all plain FTP isn't secure, and sends logon credientials "in the clear", meaning that if anyone was able to intercept the traffic as it's being tra...
02 February 2022
Significant Weather Events
2022 Significant Events
A significant weather event is forecast to occur in Westland and Buller over the next few days. Westport itself was hit by a weather event that cuased significant flooding and damage in July 2021 and many residents are still rebuilding from this stor...
30 August 2021
Raspberry Pi Weather Station
In a previous post we provided the steps to install ConsoleWD, for a Davis weather station, and FTP the data to your website. As at the time of writing there are lots of other options around setup that you can also use with ConsoleWD. This post will ...
05 July 2021
Raspberry Pi Weather Station
 If you've been following the series of Raspberry Pi articles you'll see we've covered the following topics: Installation of ConsoleWD - Weather Display for Raspberry Pi Streaming a live video feed from your weather webcam Automating the retreiv...
05 July 2021
Raspberry Pi Weather Station
I've been running the Windows based  Weather Display software for logging all my weather data for years. One of the nice things it did was to manage my webcamera output, and upload it to my website. With the transistion to the Raspberry Pi,...
05 July 2021
Raspberry Pi Weather Station
Looking to stream an IP camera to YouTube via a Raspberry Pi. Yes it can be done, and what's more it's reasonably easy to do. The use case for this article is based on setting up a feed for a weather camera, but you can follow the same process if you...

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