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Welcome! The NZ Weather Network is focused on creating an environment where people are able to learn about the weather, from others who were willing to share their knowledge and help in the learning of others - with a New Zealand focus! Think of the site as a learning hub, where everyone taking part is learning at their own level, and helping others - a true weather community.

You can contribute to the site by registering and asking or answering questions, adding content, or taking part in the the community based groups.

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07 June 2020
Site Wiki - Clearing Away the Jargon
Sometimes trying to understand what's happening with the weather is made difficult due to all the technical terms used. For example, what does "Expect warm temperatures today - it will be muggy with high humidity with a chance of showers in the eveni...
22 April 2020
Support and How-to's
On each of our regional weather pages there is space to have a summary panel of data from your personal weather station. You can see an example here. For Weather Display we use the custom web page service to build the weather summary, and then upload...
30 November 2019
Members Blog
Thanks to FelixMittermeier for our celebration of the season photo, this season. If you like it, go to his Pixabay site and by him a coffee! If you have a photo with a seasonal theme you would like to see on our website and our Facebook page, then se...
27 May 2019
Support and How-to's
Aside from the maps, you might want to add your site on the Metservice Your Weather maps. New Zealand's Metservice site provides a valuable regional focused resource of local weather stations that is ideal for looking for regional variation...
12 May 2019
Support and How-to's Recently advised they are now allowing people to upload weather station data to their service. Once you have this working, you can see your weather station on the website. This article explains how you can do this.   Wha...
10 May 2019
Members Blog

I had heard of a program where old ship record weather reports were being transcribed by volunteers. Anyone know of this?  Can I get a link through this site for this program?

Tropical Cyclone Tracking

05 April 2020
2020 TC Tracking
Quick Links Sunday 5th April 2020 2130 Tuesday 7th April 2100 Friday 10th April 2020 1315 News Snippets Sunday 5th April 2020 2130 TC Harold has rapidly increased in intensity over the past 24 hours, and is now a category 4 storm, sitting slightly we...
11 March 2020
2020 TC Tracking
Quick Links Introduction  Sunday 15th March 2020 1900 Monday 16th March 2020  Tuesday 17th March 2020 2100 Twitter Feed Introduction A tropical depression is currently forming over  North Eastern Australia. This is expected to develop ...
22 February 2020
2020 TC Tracking
Quick Links 22nd February 2020 1900 23rd February 2020 at 1800 24th February 2020 2200 Related News Reports Twitter Feed 22nd February 2020 1900 Hot on the heals of TC Vicky, TC Wasi has now been named. It's likely to follow a similar path. Fiji Mete...
21 February 2020
2020 TC Tracking
21st February 2020 2000 Tropical disturbance 09F was named as TC Vicky, at 11:30am this morning. Two other weak lows also exist in the  area, including TD07F, which is expected to weaken over the next 24 hours. As all three  are in close pr...

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