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Getting Started with your Blog

The blog interface is reasonably easy to follow, but the following pointers should help if you get stuck:


  • ​​To create a blog post you need to be logged into the site.
  • Some blog categories are restricted to members only, for example the prediction blog. If you are not seeing your blog entry on the public site, this could be why.
  • All public blogs are able to be commented on by the public, but all comments are moderated, either by the admin or the poster

Creating and Editing your blog

  • Once logged in, return to the blog section In the blog menu you will see a couple of new icons, Click on the one that looks like a pencil to create a blog
  • You can embed video, or images using the options at the top of the page
  • To add text, just start typing
  • Make sure you review the panel down the right hand side, chose a category, access levels and any tags you want on your post
  • When ready, don't forget to click on the blue publish post button

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