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Welcome to the New Zealand Weather Network community


Welcome to the New Zealand Weather Network community

There are lots of weather sites around, both locally and internationally. These sites are often great at sharing knowledge about what's happening currently with the weather, or focusing on notable weather events. We wanted to create something unique that was an environment where people felt  free to learn about the weather, and for others to share their knowledge and help in that learning

The purpose of the community is to inform, educate and provide the opportunity to learn about the weather - with a New Zealand focus. We plan to do this by encouraging involvement in analysing current weather conditions and recording the why and how particular weather events so that the information can be stored and shared with the community. Think of it as a learning hub, where everyone taking part is learning at their own level, and helping others - a weather community!

As we build the site up there will be lots of new features, so come back regularly, and check out our site updates blog

We do want the site to useful to you so if you think we should look at adding something, then contact the Admin Team. We're keen to grow the site based on your ideas!

Don't forget to check out our Wiki, and if you would like to contribute then sign up to the site and and then log into the wiki using the same credentials.

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