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Wx to Img Software

We've noticed a number of people coming to our site, looking for the Wx to Img Software, a program that decodes signals from NOAA weather satellites.   We have noticed that a new site h... Chooses as map partner

We're excited to announce that we've selected as our mapping partner. This post describes what that means to visitors to the site.

For a long period of time, we've been looking for a way of displaying weather conditions for personal weather stations. I've personally been involved with other sites in maintaining standalone networks, and these are alot of work to build and maintain. For the website this isn't our main purpose. We're more focused around education and developing an interest in all things meteorology.

Welcome to the New Zealand Weather Network Community

Welcome! The NZ Weather Network is focused on creating an environment where people are able to learn about the weather, from others who were willing to share their knowledge and help in the learning o...

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The Community Section

Community area The community area works a little bit like Facebook - but better! You can use this area to make weather observations, and short commentaries. New groups can be set up, but we've given e...

The Community Weather-Wiki

Our Weather Wiki is a great place to start if you would like to understand a particular aspect of the weather. How is rain formed? What is a standard atmosphere? The Wiki provides the answers you need...

Terms, Conditions and Privacy

In all of our forums, please keep your conversation on theme. Unapproved advertising is a big no-no, as is threatening or abusive behaviour. If that's what you are into then please don't waste our tim...

Beta Testers

We are now looking for beta testers to test the website. The role will provide an additional layer of quality checking of the site. No previous experience is required, but an interest in supporting th...

Updating your Privacy settings

As part of the registration process for accessing this site, you need to provide some personal information to us, that may be displayed publicly. This post describes how you can manage the information...

Download the information we store about you (GDPR data)

How can I download my data? You will need to request for your information to be archived. You can do this in the  Edit Account section in the Community area. To get there, click on Prof...

Weather Blogs

Weather Blogs are where it's at for recording severe weather events. The problem with trying to learn about meteorology is that unless you have an excellent memory, it is very difficult to learn from ...

Getting Started with your Blog

The blog interface is reasonably easy to follow, but the following pointers should help if you get stuck: