Building a Raspberry Pi Weather station from scratch

We're continually looking for good quality builds of Weather Stations. We are big fans of the low cost and extremely flexible Raspberry Pi, so this posting caught our eye!

Additional components for ConsoleWD - Weather Display for Raspberry Pi

In a previous post we provided the steps to install ConsoleWD, for a Davis weather station, and FTP the data to your website. As at the time of writing there are lots of other options around setup tha...

How to move files to your webserver using rsync

I recently moved webhosting and found my new host didn't support FTP. It's a reasonable feature. After all plain FTP isn't secure, and sends logon credientials "in the clear", meaning that if anyone w...

ConsoleWD - Weather Display for Raspberry Pi

I've been running the Weather Display software for logging all my weather data for years. I've always felt though that leaving a PC or laptop (I've tried both) on 24 hours/7 days a week just to collec...

Use your Raspberry Pi to stream your IP camera to You Tube

Looking to stream an IP camera to YouTube via a Raspberry Pi. Yes it can be done, and what's more it's reasonably easy to do. The use case for this article is based on setting up a feed for a weather camera, but you can follow the same process if you have another use case in mind.

Capturing IP camera images to your Raspberry Pi

I've been running the Windows based  Weather Display software for logging all my weather data for years. One of the nice things it did was to manage my webcamera output, and upload it to my ...

Upload using SCP

Sending files to your website from your Raspberry Pi using SCP

 If you've been following the series of Raspberry Pi articles you'll see we've covered the following topics:Installation of ConsoleWD - Weather Display for Raspberry PiStreaming a live video feed...

MetService Severe Weather Bulletins

The latest watches and warnings from New Zealand's official forecaster, the MetService, are listed below. 
For the most up to date information please refer to the Met Service website.

Other Weather Sites

While we think the best place to get your weather fix is, you might want to take at look at some of the following sites:   Weather Watch Forum - An internationally focused weather ...

Add your Weather Station to Recently advised they are now allowing people to upload weather station data to their service. Once you have this working, you can see your weather station on the windy.c...

Get your weather station on the MetService Your Weather map

Aside from the maps, you might want to add your site on the Metservice Your Weather maps. New Zealand's Metservice site provides a valuable regional focused resource of local weather stations that is ideal for looking for regional variations in weather. Metservice utilises the UK's Met Office WOW observation programme, to source it's data. So to get on the Your Weather map, you need to sign up to the WOW programme, and go from there.

Finding a Webcam for your Weather Station

Recently one of my old web cams died - well to be honest the webcam was fine, but the plastic connection that held the web camera in place, broke and the old sellotape it to the glass window trick, ju...

Weather Webcams - Protocols, Features and Resolution

Finding the right webcam for your weather website takes a bit of research. If you have read our first blog on the types of Webcams, you are off to a good start. If not, you can get some good hints and...

How to get your weather data published on

On each of our regional weather pages there is space to have a summary panel of data from your personal weather station. You can see an example here.For Weather Display we use the custom web page serv...

Summer 2019 is here!

Thanks to FelixMittermeier for our celebration of the season photo, this season. If you like it, go to his Pixabay site and by him a coffee! If you have a photo with a seasonal theme you would like to see on our website and our Facebook page, then send it to our Admin Team #Summer2019


Looking for info

I had heard of a program where old ship record weather reports were being transcribed by volunteers. Anyone know of this?  Can I get a link through this site for this program?

Southern Weather Discovery Citizen Science project

  NIWA have kicked off a citizen science project, to get 1000's of data points from early weather observations into a computer readable format. All it takes is a little bit of data entry, and you...

2018 Niwa's Autumn Outlook

Niwa's autumn outlook is now available. Suggesting a warmer autumn than average. More details here: