The Community Weather-Wiki

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Our Weather Wiki is a great place to start if you would like to understand a particular aspect of the weather. How is rain formed? What is a standard atmosphere? The Wiki provides the answers you need.


You can contribute to the Wiki by logging in and creating an article, or editing an existing article. Just click on the "Weather Wiki" link in the main menu, log in, and click on "New Post" on the menu on the left hand side. As a guide, articles should not be too technical. We focus on getting people to understand the weather! Additionally we target the site at people who are learning the basics right up to those with significant experience, so please keep that in mind when posting. 

House Rules

In all of our forums, please keep your conversation on theme. Unapproved advertising is a big no-no, as is threatening or abusive behaviour. If that's what you are into then please don't waste our time, because that's not what we are here for. If in doubt, remember that the site is public, and can be used by anyone - in fact we intend encouraging young people to use the site to learn more about the science of Meteorology, so please don't offend.

You should make yourself  familiar with the site Terms and Conditions. If you have your post or membership "moderated" by a moderator, respect their decision. Our moderator team have nothing against you personally, and aggressively arguing your case is unlikely to get a decision changed.

We are continuing to add features to the site. If you notice anything odd, or would like to see a new feature on the site, let us know