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Support and How-to's

Add your Weather Station to Recently advised they are now allowing people to upload weather station data to their service. Once you have this working, you can see your weather station on the windy.c...

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Get your weather station on the MetService Your Weather map

Aside from the maps, you might want to add your site on the Metservice Your Weather maps. New Zealand's Metservice site provides a valuable regional focused resource of local weather stations that is ideal for looking for regional variations in weather. Metservice utilises the UK's Met Office WOW observation programme, to source it's data. So to get on the Your Weather map, you need to sign up to the WOW programme, and go from there.

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Finding a Webcam for your Weather Station

Recently one of my old web cams died - well to be honest the webcam was fine, but the plastic connection that held the web camera in place, broke and the old sellotape it to the glass window trick, ju...

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Weather Webcams - Protocols, Features and Resolution

Finding the right webcam for your weather website takes a bit of research. If you have read our first blog on the types of Webcams, you are off to a good start. If not, you can get some good hints and...

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Training Resources

There are lots of great places where you can get online training to learn more about meteorology. This page lists a few. If you want to add more, then reply in the comments below.   MetEd - a ran...

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How to get your weather data published on

On each of our regional weather pages there is space to have a summary panel of data from your personal weather station. You can see an example here.For Weather Display we use the custom web page serv...

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Other Weather Sites

While we think the best place to get your weather fix is, you might want to take at look at some of the following sites:   Weather Watch Forum - An internationally focused weather site ...

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Current NZ Weather Conditions

If you would like to add your weather conditions to this feed, it's easy. Just upload your weather data to Twitter and make sure you use the tag #nzwxnet in your post, and you will appear here.   Don'...

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Current Himiwari-8 Images

The latest Himiwari-8 image is shown below (Source: NOAA): VisibleInfrared