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Weather Blogs


Weather Blogs are where it's at for recording severe weather events. The problem with trying to learn about meteorology is that unless you have an excellent memory, it is very difficult to learn from past events and make progress with your knowledge.

Blogs provide an opportunity for members to track severe weather events over a number of days. You can add photos, videos, maps and anything else you need to properly document any weather event. Once the blog is completed, it is there as a historical record of what has happened, and acts as a source of learning, not only for the blogging member, but also for those who wish to learn quickly from others experiences.

To get started, logon, click on "Latest News" and click on "Members Blogs" 


So, check out some of the blogs we already have online, sign-up and add your knowledge to the community!


House Rules

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You should make yourself  familiar with the site Terms and Conditions. If you have your post or membership "moderated" by a moderator, respect their decision. Our moderator team have nothing against you personally, and aggressively arguing your case is unlikely to get a decision changed.

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