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On each of our regional weather pages there is space to have a summary panel of data from your personal weather station. You can see an example here.
sample panel
For Weather Display we use the custom web page service to build the weather summary, and then upload the page to your website.
The custom web page service relies on an .html file that contains the variables we want in the summary panel, as well as the formatting. These files are called wxlocaln.html, where n is a number, for example wxlocal3.html.
On upload, Weather Display populates the variables, then uploads the file onto the webserver, renaming it as wxn.html eg wx3.html
To get that onto the NZ Weather Networks site, we iframe or embed that page into our page - hence it's essential not to change the formatting. Traffic shouldn't be large as the page is only loaded once when each user goes to the page.
Here's a video explaining how to set up the Weather Display side of things:
The wxlocal file is below, as is the image file, zipped into one file.
Once the location is setup, copy both the supplied image and .html files to that location.
Next click on the Internet File creation and Uploads icon (under control panel) and follow the instructions in the video above. We recommend using slot 3 (wxlocal3) but if you want to use another slot, just change the filename to include that slot number.
We can only provide limited support to set up on your own server. If you would like us to host your weather website, we are more than happy to set this up for you. Refer our services page for more details

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