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Get your weather station on the MetService Your Weather map


Aside from the maps, you might want to add your site on the Metservice Your Weather maps. New Zealand's Metservice site provides a valuable regional focused resource of local weather stations that is ideal for looking for regional variations in weather. Metservice utilises the UK's Met Office WOW observation programme, to source it's data. So to get on the Your Weather map, you need to sign up to the WOW programme, and go from there.


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Setup using Weather Display

If you are using Weather Display, set up is easy. Open up Weather Display and select Control Panel from the main menu. Look for the WOW icon in the Publication section (it's next to the Windy icon), and click on that. Click on the link to logon or register:

 Once signed up you should have a station ID, and a six digit pin. Put both of these into the correct spaces in Weather Display, select your upload frequency, and make sure the switch is on at the bottom of the page. 

Click on ok to save everything, then go back in and click on "test a data send". This should kick things off for the upload. It may take a few days for your site to appear on the MetService's Your Weather page.


Setup using other software

If you are using other software, the MetService provide details on what to do. Once this is set up, here's an example of what you can see. Clicking on each station gives you further details about the conditions at the stations location.




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