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What creates the weather

  Basics When considering the atmosphere as a whole, it can largely be considered as a fluid. It may not look like a fluid, but it behaves in very much the same way that a fluid would. The impact...

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Common Meteorological Terms and Their Meanings - Wind

Sometimes trying to understand what's happening with the weather is made difficult due to all the technical terms used. For example, what does "Expect warm temperatures today - it will be muggy with h...

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What Causes a Tornado?

Niwa provide a great explaination behind the tornado in Waikato on October 29, 2018. You can read more about it here The why behind the Waikato tornado?️1️⃣ Significant upper atmosphere disturbance.2️...

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What was it? A Land Spout, Water Spout, Funnel Cloud or Tornado

One of the reasons why the NZ Weather Enthusiasts group exists is because of the lack of clarity around weather events, often misreported in the media. This misreporting often leads to further confusi...

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Summer Solstice is here - Solstices and Equinoxes

Welcome to Summer Solstice for 2018. I'm choosing my words carefully. Often this is referred to as the longest day, which is partially correct, because it is based on daylight hours.  O...

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21st March 2019 sees the equinox occur. What is an equinox? Well this is when the suns rays shine directly on the equator This means that in both hemispheres, the length of the night is the same as th...

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