How to use the Weather Wiki

This page describes how to use the weather wiki. To ensure that additional work is not created for others, please ensure you follow the guidelines on this page

Gaining edit access

To edit the Weather Wiki you need to first register on theNZ Weather Enthusiasts website. Once registered you can come back to this site and log in with the same credentials you used on the NZ Weather Enthusiasts website.

If you are already registered on that site, you should be able to just login to the Weather Wiki, using the same credentials.

Basic editing

The Weather Wiki is based on a dokuwiki implementation. You can find basic instructions on how to use the wiki here.

Basic page layout settings

Headings for pages should commence with H2 formatting Articles may use H3, H4, and H5 formatting for sub headings

Note that H1 Headings are reserved for key titles / headings within the Wiki only, usually by administrators

Sandpit / Playground testing

You can use the sandpit to hone your skills in editing wiki documents. Please only edit wiki documents outside the sandpit, if it adds value.

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